About Me


I’m Arushi Meena, a marketer by profession and a writer, language enthusiast at heart. This blog was created with the intent to share my experiences in the fields of language, life, and some other random stuff that comes and goes around Arushi, hence the name “BlogItWithArushi”.

While everything I share goes around my own life and experiences, the gist of it is to use this platform to help others in their own journeys of life. My core interest is in the domain of foreign languages, but I also have acquired considerable knowledge in the fields of digital marketing, and of course, blogging.

The Internet and social media, in particular, are platforms where we humans can share our experiences in a way that shapes, influences, and changes live in positive ways. I’m here to do just the same with this blog.

BlogItWithArushi is just me doing what I know best. I hope that you enjoy this ride with me, and most importantly- find some something valuable here that shapes your own life too!

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