Balayage on Black Hair- Caramel Hair Color Transformation

This is the first time ever I have added a hair color. Since I had really dark hair, the color transformation of Balayage black hair completely changed my look.

Well, this video shows how I got a new shade of caramel hair color using the Balayage technique.

The process of balayage hair color was easy to start, my hair was put up in partitions. The stylist applied bleach (meant to remove natural pigment from the hair, important to add desired color shade), and proceeded to wrap the partitioned hair strands around foils.

The foils are supposed to keep the effects of bleach limited to the parts where its applied, create a pattern and not let the bleach spread unevenly. These foils helped in settling the bleach applied on the hair and were kept for 40 minutes before removal.

The process of foil removal was slightly irritating for me, although it looked quite satisfying on the camera. The stylist then proceeded to color my bleached hair with a shade of caramel.

Finally, my newly colored hair done through the Balayage technique was combed and straightened for the finish.

Special Thanks to OMRE Hair Salon, Dwarka Mor (Southwest Delhi) for styling my hair through Balayage, and notable mention goes to the stylist who made the entire process comfortable for me.

Product used for my Balayage black hair to caramel hair color transformation:

Wella Professional Blondor Multi Blonde Lightening Powder


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