Best Street Food in Delhi – West Delhi Street Food

This video is about the Best Street Food in Delhi, specifically in West Delhi. I went on a hunt to find the best West Delhi street food. It was a day-long ordeal, but definitely one of the best days for my tummy.

In the end, I found five best street food places in West Delhi. Have a look:

Best Street Food in West Delhi #1: Aloo Pyaaz Parantha at Prisha Parantha Junction

Address: Opp Pillar no 715, Near Uttam Nagar West Metro Station, New Delhi, Delhi 110059.

Price for medium-size Aloo Pyaaz Parantha: Rs. 210

Special Food Challenge: Eating 3 large paranthas in 60 minutes for a huge reward of Rs. 11000 and lifetime free food at Prisha Parantha Junction!

My Review: Even though I ordered a Medium Parantha, the size of the Parantha was simply too huge even for two people. It tasted as good as it looked. Simply Delicious!

Best Street Food in West Delhi #2: Pizza Cheese Omelette (4 Eggs) at Rajeev Bhai Ka Mashoor Omelette

Address: Shop No-17, Dwarka Road, Opp Pillar No-40, Mangalpuri I, Palam Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110045.

Price: Rs. 220

My Review: The special Pizza Cheese Omelette is the specialty delicacy at the famous omelette corner. It looked beautiful! It’s was amazingly tasty. After having a large parantha that I had earlier, it wasn’t looking easy to impress my tastes and well, stomach. But it was so good that it made me almost forget what I had earlier in the day! Perhaps the best street food in West Delhi overall.

Best Street Food in West Delhi #3: Paneer Chole Bhature at Karol Bagh Wale Ke Mashoor Special Paneer Wale Chole Bhature

Address: Gali Number 4, Mahavir Enclave I, Mahavir Enclave Part 2, Mahavir Enclave, New Delhi, Delhi 110046.

Price: Rs. 35

My Review: They say that the first impression is the last impression. I literally got a taste of it, as the rude attitude of this shop’s owner pissed me off before I even started eating. Yet, I calmed myself and tasted the Special Paneer Chole Bhature without holding any grudges.

But after having a taste, I would say confidently, without any bias that this ain’t the best chole bhature in Delhi. Even though it costs only 35, for me it is not worth it as you have to deal with a large crowd at this shop. This crowd isn’t handled too well by the people running this street food corner.

Best Street Food in West Delhi #4: Paneer Shawarma at The Tummy Section

Address: 23/1, Shop, No: 2A, Jail Rd, Prem Nagar, Janakpuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110058.

Price: Rs. 62

My Review: The Paneer Shawarma at Tummy Section is one of the most famous street food in Delhi. Yes, not just in West Delhi but in the whole of Delhi. I loved the taste. For just Rs. 62, I don’t think there’s anything better than this that I could eat in West Delhi.

Best Street Food in West Delhi #5: Unlimited Gol Gappas at Chaat Tadka

Address: 27/2, Jail Rd, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110018.

Price: Unlimited Gol Gappas at Rs. 30!

Types of Paani for Gol Gappa: Jeera, Pudina, Meetha

My Review: If value for money is the topmost priority for you when eating cheap street food in Delhi, then nothing beats the Gol Gappas at Chaat Tadka. The unlimited Gol Gappas are as tasty as they get. For this price, they are great, and I couldn’t even complain!

So this was my quick tour of the best street food in west Delhi. I was surprised to know that most of these items don’t cost that much. Perhaps the cost is indeed one of the reasons why they are so famous in the first place.

In future videos I will also explore other places in Delhi to find and taste the best street food out there! Till then, you can satisfy your hunger by going to these places (after the lockdown ends), or perhaps intensify it further by watching this video on repeat.

Note: This video was shot in February 2020.

Arushi Meena

Arushi is a Digital Marketer by profession, but a writer at heart. Aside from being a hopeless romantic and a quirky personality, she's all about having fun and letting others have a share of the same!

4 thoughts on “Best Street Food in Delhi – West Delhi Street Food

  1. The chole bhature you are talking about is the best of all in delhi u are not the only person who tasted the all from every corner of delhi. That is why the owner don’t care about blogger and any other. The crowd said it all, show the same crowd as him on any other shop where you visited. Eateries and take away always full till it opens.

    1. Hi Rahul Shukla
      1) Indeed i haven’t ate every corner of Delhi but yes i know what matters to me being a Blogger i will write accordingly not only in terms of taste but yes in terms of Attitude towards their customer as i am also one of their customer.
      2) Customer satisfaction is every business’s rule and people are the one who made them best in Delhi. If the owner doesn’t care about blogger or any other then one day people wont care about them either. Behavior is also a part of a Business.
      3) You are YOU because of People like us because once in a while a Blogger like me had post something about their Food this is not the major reason but Yes One of the IMPORTANT REASON.
      4) Yes also a VLOGGER/BLOGGER don’t put such fake information , everything is important food, attitude towards the customer ( atithi devo bhava) if you remember, also hygiene so i guess i have covered most of your allegations with my beautiful and yes polite explanation.
      So, before mocking a Blogger/Vlogger just remember one thing we are very important part of Business as we are one of the Audience not a celebrity.

  2. I live in Gurgaon but I know about some famous street food in Delhi. I have tasted Aloo Pyaaz Parantha & Paneer Chole Bhature. Those are amazing.. Except these both, I also tasted some more street food. My friends told me about them. I go to Delhi randomly and taste street food.

  3. I live in Gurgaon but I know about some famous street food in Delhi. I have tasted Aloo Pyaaz Parantha & Paneer Chole Bhature. Those are amazing.. Except these both, I also tasted some more street food. My friends told me about them. I go to Delhi randomly and taste street food.

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