3 Ways To Monetize Your Website Without AdSense

Almost everyone who seeks to earn money independently thinks of running a website at some point of time. Just admit it, we’ve all done that.

But many say that earning money from a website is difficult. Yes, it is difficult but if you only stick to one or two ways to monetize your website. Trust me, AdSense isn’t the only way to monetize a website/blog, and there are certainly easier ways to do so. That’s what I’m going to talk about in this post.

Using Patreon

Running a website, especially a blog is really hard when you have a terribly low revenue from Adsense despite decent traffic. But with users getting used to ignoring ad spaces, this is a trend that will likely continue until having something such as Adsense stops making sense at all.

Plus, your earnings are completely dependent on Google’s ever-changing policies when you’re using AdSense. Remember, this is a company that shuts down more existing products, projects and services each year than almost any other rival of its scale.

So how to free yourself from dependency on Google AdSense? The answer is right in front of you. It’s the visitors who could you take your website or blog to greater heights!

Provided that you provide excellent content infused with deep research and relevant facts, visitors will be keen to know more from you. If your niche and topic selection is unique, then visitors would know that they won’t get what YOU offer from anywhere else on the web.

So capitalize on that reputation and let your visitors help sustain your website or blog’s quality.

There are a lot of good ways to ask for donations from users. One of the most popular ways is my accepting donations through PayPal. The other, better way to do so is by using Patreon.

In case you didn’t know, Patreon is a platform exclusively built for content creators. It’s basically an entire marketplace where you’ll find all types of talented creators ask for support from their audience in the form of a donation.

How to monetize your website with Patreon?

Start by setting up your account on Patreon. It doesn’t matter what you create- Podcasts, Games, Videos, Blogs. Any creative content can be monetized with Patreon provided that you have an audience that is interested.

People can send in their donations directly through Patreon. You can offer them some perks such as early access to content, merchandise or anything else you like directly through the platform.

You can set up multiple options for donations with Patreon. You could ask for as low as $1 per month, or as high as $50, it’s all up to and what you feel your audience would be willing to pay.

Here are some of the most successful bloggers who are monetizing their work with Patreon:

1. Tim Urban, Andrew Finn & Alicia McElhone

Website/Blog: Wait But Why

Estimated Earnings: $104,000 per month

2. Miri

Website/blog: Brute Reason

Estimated Earnings: $147 per blog post

Publishing an eBook with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

The number of people buying paper books is largely decreasing thanks to the world becoming digital. The digitalization of everything has made a lot of stuff easier, including publishing of books.

You could just write an eBook and start selling it online at absolutely no costs! That’s right, no effort to reach out to publishers, convince them about the potential of your book and no need to pay them a commission beforehand.

How is that possible? Publishing books at almost zero-cost is possible with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. Really, you could have an eBook published to the Kindle store at any preferred price is less than 10 minutes after registration!

What does it have to do with monetizing your website or blog? Well, for one, you can promote your eBook on your website through banners and posts dedicated to it.

You would be bringing your eBook buyers directly to the site, and vice-versa. This is a great way of expressing expertise in your niche and expanding your audience.

This can also eventually lead to an increased web traffic for the site. The traffic consequently opens up opportunities for selling your eBook directly from your blog or website!

But even when using KDP, you will be earning up to 70% in royalties for selling your eBook on Amazon. The eBook you’d be selling will be bought and read by Kindle device/app users provided that you make it something worth reading.

How to use Kindle Direct Publishing to sell eBooks?

To start, simply go to the Kindle Direct Publishing homepage and register/login to your Amazon account.

Once you’re done setting up your account, simply go to the Bookshelf section and get started with publishing an eBook or a paperback. It is indeed possible to sell a paperback at no costs with KDP, but I recommend starting out with a digital version as it has fewer regulation hassles.

Lead Generation for other businesses

To explain this method of monetizing, I would have to first clarify the need for having newsletter subscriptions.

Basically, having an option for visitors to subscribe to your blog let’s them receive all the latest updates through email notifications.

But there’s another important aspect to it. Your visitors also provide you with relevant contact details such as their email ID when they subscribe to your blog.

Now, you may not have much use of it considering that as a blogger, you’re only providing information. But other businesses may have untapped customers who visit frequently on your blog.

For example, if there is an X blog about science articles, then there would be Y number of visitors visiting the said blog frequently. Now there’s a Z business which offers online courses to learn physics and other science subjects.

For the business Z, readers of the X blog, i.e., Y visitors would be ideal prospects to puchase online courses offered by the former. So what’s the best way for Z to reach Y?

Of course, Z would want to contact X blog owner and enquire about a way it could promote its business.

And that’s how the X blog generates potential leads for another business.

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