Sarojini Nagar Haul for the Winters | Starting @ ₹150

This year, I did some of my winter shopping in the Sarojini Nagar market and came up with a lot of good stuff to show you for my Sarojini Nagar haul. Although I’ll be honest, I didn’t like all of them.

The capital of India, Delhi, amidst all its noise, traffic and pollution, is a fantastic place to live for everyone who loves shopping! The city is a good place to shop for almost any occasion, whether it is for Diwali, Christmas, or even to find gifts for Valentine’s Day!

My love for shopping has taken me to some of the best shopping markets in Delhi, and one of them is the Sarojini Nagar market. 

You can watch the above video for a deeper insight into my winter Sarojini Nagar haul. But if you’re one of those who prefer reading instead of watching, then here’s a blog for you!

Below is a list of the best items from my 2019 Sarojini Nagar haul. This year, the stock was adequate, but honestly, I didn’t find the variety that I used to find during Sarojini Nagar shopping a long time ago. Blame it on the decreasing sense of fashion amongst us youngsters, or perhaps the abundance of choices to buy stuff online/offline.

Enough talk, let’s start:

1. Dark Green Sweater| ₹350

The Dark green sweater I bought during my Sarojini Nagar shopping spree is nothing too special. It has more substance than style, and so is quite warm. The pattern isn’t anything too special, but I really liked the color. This isn’t the kind of color that would fade away after a wash.

The threads of the sweater, especially at the end of sleeves were coming loose, so yes, that had to be taken care of. All in all, the dark green sweater was a good addition to my Sarojini Nagar haul and it’s decent for the price.

2. Bright Yellow Jacket | ₹350

I absolutely loved the bright yellow color on this jacket. But don’t be fooled by its looks though. It’s not as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.

So this jacket is not ideal if you’re going out on an extremely cold winter morning. It’s still great for afternoon outings, and even good to wear for casual parties.

My other annoyance with this yellow jacket from my Sarojini Nagar haul is its bad alter, and sleeves that are too short for my liking.

3. Grey and Black Woollen Sweater | ₹500

The grey & black sweater I bought for my Sarojini Nagar haul is one of the warmest sweaters in my entire wardrobe.

But it’s a pity that this sweater came with a HOLE in it! Just as I was getting so happy about a valuable purchase from Sarojini Nagar, my expectations came crashing down when I saw a clearly visible hole on it. It was my own mistake to not have seen it while purchasing the sweater.

But in my defense, I’d say that the crowds at Sarojini Nagar market that day were too overwhelming to create a mood for sensible purchases.

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4. Grey Crop Sweater | ₹250

This Grey crop sweater I brought while shopping at Sarojini Nagar market would be one of my worst purchases this year. I bought it for the winter haul thinking that it was a full-size sweater with a decent design and pattern (FYI: I did buy it according to my size). When I came home and wore it, that’s when I realized it was not even worth calling a crop top!

The sleeves are short of course, but the length- it’s longer than a crop top but definitely shorter than a full-size sweater. I still use it though. Who knows, one day such sweaters might become a huge fashion trend, and I won’t even be surprised.

5. Red Sweater | ₹350

This red sweater that I bought from Sarojini Nagar market is one of my favorites in this haul. The curvy zig-zag pattern on the sweater caught my attention. The overall design of the sweater itself seems highly suited for the Christmas season, so there’s that.

The quality of cloth in the sweater is nothing remarkable, but the fitting is just perfect and it feels adequately warm as well.

6. Dark Green Winter Dress | ₹200

This dark green winter dress is the cheapest item in the Sarojini Nagar winter haul. However, this one isn’t unique clothing. In fact, this type of winter dress is available at almost all markets in Delhi. In some markets, you could even find the same dress I bought at a cheaper price of ₹150.

That said, its the value for money proposition that makes this green winter dress from the Sarojini Nagar market so good. It’s comfortable, totally warm, and perfectly suited to wear at winter parties. It’s great to wear if you just want to look good for the night, blend in with the crowd and have a good time.

7. Sky Blue Bag | ₹600

This Sky Blue bag is without a doubt, my absolute favorite in my Sarojini Nagar haul. The quality of this bag is insanely good for the price. By the way, the MRP tag on the bag listed its price at a whopping ₹3699!

But the little knowledge I have about imported goods like this tells me it is not likely the exact retail cost. But even if you don’t care about the tags, the quality itself is good enough to justify the price I bought it for, i.e., ₹600.

This sky blue bag from Sarojini Nagar market looks and feels good on both outside and inside. There is a sling provided with the bag along with a mini bag on the inside. Both are of the same design, color and fabric quality.

What did you like the most in my Sarojini Nagar Winter Haul?

Now to round it off, every item I bought in this Sarojini Nagar haul was unique in their own way. However, there is one item from this winter haul I will never wear again. It is the grey “crop” sweater, which might suit my little niece much better than how it does for me.

Anyway, do watch the video of this Sarojini Nagar haul (embedded on top of the blog) on my YouTube channel and let me know what you think of it. Feel free to share your opinions about this winter haul in the comments below, and I hope you enjoy the last days of this year, and many years up ahead!

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