Vegas Mall Dwarka Sector 14- Full Tour

I recently visited the newly opened Vegas Mall near Dwarka Sector 14. People in Dwarka were for a really long time waiting for a hotspot to watch movies, spend some time and entertain themselves.

Well, the Vegas mall Dwarka puts an end to that wait, as it houses the largest PVR Superplex in Dwarka and one of the biggest in Delhi. The Vegas mall PVR is equipped with facilities to watch the latest movies in IMAX quality.

From my experience visiting there, I would definitely say that the mall was worth the wait for Dwarka residents. I must say that I found quite a lot of similarities between the Vegas mall Dwarka Sec 14 and the Pacific Mall in Subhash Nagar.

The Vegas mall Dwarka, by itself is well-built and is as beautiful on the inside as it looks from outside. It must also be noted that the mail is still only halfway completed, and there’s a lot more to be done at the place before it becomes the top shopping mall in Dwarka.

The highlights of the Vegas mall for me were definitely the huge PVR superplex inside the mall and the view that visitors get from the entrance as well as the ground floor area. There was a lot more I wished to share about the mall, but I was interrupted by security men, who told me that photography and video shooting were not allowed at the place at the time.

Feel free to give any feedback if you liked my tour of the Vegas mall in Dwarka Sector 14. If you have friends staying in Dwarka, or looking to visit the PVR in Dwarka, Vegas Mall with your friends, do share this video with them.

Arushi Meena

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